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Delivery Instructions


How to Receive Your Product

We partner with over 20 different manufacturers in both Canada and the U.S. We leverage the relationship our manufacturers have with all the major shipping companies and ship direct from manufacturer to your home, business or campground. It will be the manufacturer of your purchase who will package and ship the product.


Check out our Blog post on LTL shipping... https://homeporchpatio.blog/2017/11/14/ltl-hppki-and-you/#more-108


Please note that the estimated delivery time quoted to you at the time of your order is based on information received from the manufacturer at that time. It can never be a guarantee of delivery time. Home Porch and Patio Kits Inc. generally receives shipping information after the product ships and we are committed to sharing that information with you as it comes available to us.


Please Read the Following Instructions Thoroughly


UPS / FedEx Ground

Smaller items, like window awnings or post purchase accessories will ship by UPS or FedEx ground. All such deliveries will be used as the delivery company. Freight rate up-charges charges will apply for shipments to Newfoundland and Labrador, Vancouver Island, Nunavut, NWT, Yukon or other northern or remote areas in Canada. Web site pricing - - In USA is for delivery within the contiguous US and does not include freight rate up-charges to AK, HI, PR or US Virgin Islands. UPS / FedEx will not deliver to APO, FPO or PO Box #'s.


We do not offer "Special Shipping Options" (3-Day, 2-Day, Overnight, etc.). Contact UPS / FedEx regarding standard delivery practices in your area.




Common Carrier / LTL Shipping

Larger items will be delivered by Common Carrier, Less Than Truckload shipping. Some of the companies used by our manufacturers are ABF, ODFL, N&B, APA, YRC, Overnite Express or Estes. They typically use a large truck / 18 wheel semi-trailer for delivery purposes. There is no way we can know whether your neighborhood has 'difficulties' that may prevent a tractor trailer from making a delivery. It is your responsibility to make this known at the time you place your order.


The carrier (delivery company) is paid to call you and set up a delivery time. At that time please take down the shipping company name and phone number. If they don't show up exactly on time, it would be the shipping company you would call.


Home Porch & Patio Kits Inc. is not responsible for how the shipping company adheres to their shipping schedules. Naturally we will help in any way we can, however we may not be able to affect the day's outcome.


Items of note:

  • LTL shipments are delivered as 'curbside delivery.' The truck will stop at the bottom of the driveway. The driver's responsibility ends by opening up the back of the truck. The driver is not responsible for unloading the product. It is highly recommended that you have someone to help you unload your material from the truck and into the garage or backyard. That said, most driver's will be kind and helpful during this process!

  • In all cases your material / product will be packaged and shipped such that two people can carry the largest of the boxes. More often than not the boxes may be more awkward (long) than heavy. This is often what dictates the necessity of two people. The driver will always give you plenty of time to unload and inspect the boxes.

  • The shipment of your material is prepaid! Freight Carriers should not be charging you for deliveries described above. In the event that a clerical error has occurred - call us as soon as you can at 1.844.404.0484

  • If you believe you need help from the shipping company to offload your material, most docks have additional services that you can pay for. You can discuss this with the shipping company when they call you to set up a delivery time with you.


IF Your Material is Damaged...

For any claim of damage, shipping companies reserve the right to come out to the site to inspect the damage.

Shipping product around North America is a complicated business. Their employees are generally great people, with families and responsibilities like you and me. They honestly do their best to get the product to you undamaged, however damage and accidents can occur.


This sets us apart...

Most companies, in the case of damage, will ask you to file a claim with the shipping company, pay for the replacement material to be sent out and then wait for the shipping company to give you a refund. NOT US! When you follow the instructions below, it allows for us to take the responsibility of dealing with shipping companies. By following the instructions below we will be able to send out the replacement material with no paperwork or cost to you.



Your Responsibilities...

  • Inspect the boxes carefully for any damage or holes.

  • Note ALL damages on the bill of lading which the driver has you sign.

  • Know that in most cases there may not be any damage to the unit itself, however, if we do need to get some new parts out to you, knowing who is responsible for the damage will help speed the process up.

  • Refuse the shipment entirely if there is extreme damage. If you are unsure about what to do, call us toll free (1.844.404.0484) while the driver is there and we will gladly help with the decision.

  • Know, in the case of an entire shipment being refused that it may take a few weeks or more to get replacement material out to you.


If you have purchased a...

 W Pan Patio Cover | Flat Pan Patio Cover | Insulated Patio Cover | Hard Top Screen Enclosure | Screen Walls Porch Screening System

To help avoid damages, some of our "materials supplied kits," which have materials longer than 8 feet,
may be cut down to smaller sizes, but still work with the design of your specific unit.

  • Inspect the boxes. If there is damage to the box, take the time to open the box where the damage is and make sure there is no damage to the contents of the box.

  • If there is damage to the contents of any box, the entire box is to be returned with the driver.

  • Keep all boxes whose contents are not damaged!

  • Please note All Damage on the bill of lading which the driver has you sign.

Special Instructions: The shipping company is under instruction to take back boxes with damaged material. However there may be room for you to exercise some judgment. For example if you have a 24' beam that has been badly damaged 2 feet from one end and you are only using 20 feet of the beam on your unit, there is no advantage in sending the beam back.


Please make note of any descriptions on the boxes that are being returned. This will help us know what needs to be sent out to you without waiting for it to be returned! Boxes that are properly documented and sent back will then be replaced and shipped out to you promptly.


Please call us with the list of items that were damaged.



What we CAN do...

...work with you, the shipping company and the manufacturer to get you the replacement parts as quickly as possible. Manufacturing times and shipping distances will obviously affect timelines.


What we CAN NOT do...

Important: Shipping companies no longer honor 'hidden damage' claims. Therefore we cannot...

• Get replacement materials for damage that is not noted at the time of delivery.
• Honor claims of damage after the unit has been signed for 'as received in good condition.'
 (Click here for further explanation)

Nor can we...
• Offer 'inconvenience' compensation for timelines that change due to manufacturing or shipping delays.

• Offer compensation for timelines that change due to damage during shipping.
• Offer compensation for agreements between our customers and their contractors that may be affected by manufacturing or shipping damage/delays.



The above set of instructions is given for the benefit of our customers - -
minimizing paperwork, time and inconvenience in the case of damaged material.

Please be sure you have read them in their entirety.
If you need points clarified, please feel free to contact us at anytime with your questions.





Doing it yourself does not mean doing it alone!
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Web site pricing  - - In Canada: does not include freight rate up-charges to Newfoundland and Labrador, Vancouver Island, Nunavut, NWT, or the Yukon
Web site pricing  - - In USA: is for delivery within the contiguous US and does not include freight rate up-charges to AK, HI, PR or US Virgin Islands


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