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To Our Valued Customers...
Throughout the spring and summer seasons our we do quote submissions on a first come first serve basis and work hard to do them right the first time. We believe in honoring the time each customer has invested in submitting a request for quotation, therefore we can not consider requests for immediate quotations. We will generally be able turn quotations in about 2-3 days. During peak season we will require between 4-5 days to do a quotation.


Some of the things we will need from you in order to do a quotation:

  • Snow & wind load requirements

  • Desired roof projection and width

  • City of installation

  • Your municipal load requirements (psf/mph)

  • Email address

  • Projection measurements (including desired front overhang)

  • Width measurements

  • Height at point of installation (house wall / fascia board)


Flat Pan Patio Cover Quote Form

Flat Pan Patio Cover Quote Form


The manufacturer reserves the right to send longer / wider than ordered material, requiring the DIY customer to make the final cuts on site.



Keep in mind every patio cover is unique in their details. So that we can properly assess the material requirements for your particular application,
 please follow the steps below and submit your request for quotation in the way that is easiest for you.



The form(s) given above lead you through the steps necessary to give us all the information needed to provide you with a quotation for our flat pan patio cover system. Click on the PDF link above to open up a 2 page PDF.


You have two ways in which you can use it.

  • If you open the PDF in Acrobat Reader, it will allow you to fill out the PDF directly using your mouse and keyboard. You can fill it out, left click, click on "save as" (name the document) and save the document to your desktop. Then email us with the saved PDF document as an attachment.

  • Alternatively you can open the PDF, print the PDF and fill it out manually. If you wanted to do your own drawing you will need to do this anyways. You can then scan your pages or take a picture of each page and then email us the attachment (s). 

  • Of course you can use the on-line form given below to submit your quotation as well.

**Send your PDF attachment and pictures to:


Need help with some of the details of your project?

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On-line form to request an Insulated Patio Cover Quotation

We are committed to providing as much information as possible to our customers so that they can make informed decisions about their purchases.
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Home Porch & Patio Kits Inc.          Email:

We do not / have not ever sold or exchanged your email addresses or other information with any other company!


Step 1: Basic Information


Name (*)                     State (*)                       City(*)  



We cannot reply to your questions unless you supply your email address...      Email (*)         



Contact Telephone   (We do not call unless your email address is entered incorrectly)


Are you human? Solve the equation. (*)    (25 + 7) ÷ 2



What words did you type in your browser to find us?    (example: screen rooms / patio cover etc.)


Step 2: Load Requirements Information

You will need to know your local (city / municipal building department) live load requirements (lb./sq.ft.) and wind speed requirements (mph.)

Your city building department is where building permits are issued from. You may or may not need an actual permit for your installation, and this is left as the sole responsibility of the homeowner. It is our strong recommendation that you acquire your permit prior to purchase. We can help with that! However, panel thickness, beam placements, beam size, distance between posts out front... all are a function of the load (snow & wind) that your cover will be subject to. Even though you may  not require a permit, you will still need to contact them to get your local building code requirements so that we can supply you with the 'correct' materials!

Load Requirement - - Please call your local building department    Lbs./sq.ft.        mph.

*ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED* to do your quotation


Will you be getting a permit for your installation?         YES            NO


Step 3: Your Patio Cover Details

Flat Pan
Patio Cover


Attached to an existing wall | fascia board                 Freestanding


Height at highest point  feet      inches 
(measured from ground to underside of proposed roof)


Projection away from house wall  feet       inches  
[Include any desired overhang past beam & posts]


Width (distance parallel to house wall) feet       inches


Desired Overhang (past beam & posts)             1 Foot              2 Foot              3 Foot


Posts (attached to an existing deck or patio                                      Posts (buried in ground at least 2 ft.)



TOP ONLY (no beam & posts required)


Step 4: Color Selection


Roof Panels (W or Flat)      White           Ivory


Posts      White               Bronze                     Ivory          


Beams    White               Bronze


Fascia Gutter   White         Bronze         Clay             Ivory           Gray           Brown   

                       Pan System Fascia Colors



Any other comments or requirements? Let us know!



**Please note that most items are custom made and are not returnable**
*In any case of price discrepancy this WEB site shall be taken as correct.








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Doing it yourself does not mean doing it alone!




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