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Aluminum Foam Core Patio Cover Details...

Insulated Deck Covers & Carports

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This page has pictures and line drawings of our insulated panel system that you can review to familiarize yourself with the product.


We would also suggest a review of the Installation Guide.


The panels are as attractive as they are functional. A moisture and mildew resistant EPS core is factory-bonded between two heavy-duty aluminum skins. The end result is a roof that is strong enough to walk on and walls that will stand the test of time. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core is specified by architects worldwide for it’s superior insulating properties.




  • Snap-lock Locking System
  • Industry-standard Finish Colors
  • Stucco Embossed texture
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Moisture & Mildew Resistant
  • Factory-bonded Aluminum Skins
  • 1.5 pound EPS Foam Core
  • Superior Insulation Properties
  • Meets Current Load Specifications

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Insulated Panels for Patio Covers


Smart-Lok Panel technology





Fan beam option Tar Tape




Insulated Panel Backwall Channel Insulated Roof Profile


Note: The front gutter illustrated here may look slightly different than what you receive. However the connection to the roof panels is the same and the side fascia will cap the front gutter in all cases.


Insulated Roof Profile Insulated Roof Profile






As part of the roof system, we always supply a beam and post assembly to support your roof panels (top only systems available). This allows your entire patio cover to meet the local load requirements rather than the 'just' the panels. The finished product will add value to your home every single time! Like all other parts, the beam & posts assembly is all extruded aluminum, giving you virtually no maintenance requirements and all the hardware is supplied. Each system is engineered according to your local code requirements (snow loads). High quality, durable and maintenance free - - all at a price that will not break the bank and it comes with all the help you need from Home Porch & Patio Kits Inc.


Insulated Patio Cover Parts Materials supplied Side View Parts for Post to deck assembly



Additional Information



Extruded aluminum beams

How to connect beam to posts



You will need to know your local live load requirements (lbs./sq.ft. & mph.) as dictated by your city/municipality. Your local building department is where building permits are issued from. You may or may not need an actual permit for your installation. This responsibility rests with the homeowner. If a permit is required, it is our strong recommendation that you acquire your permit prior to purchase. A few words about permits... <click here>

However, panel thickness, beam placements, beam size, distance between posts out front... all are a function of the load (snow & wind) that your cover will be subject to.


This table describes how far a panel can span away from the wall out to the beam & posts assembly
How to read the table: For example... a 3" thick roof panel will span 12'7" away from the wall under a 20 lb. loading


Maximum Panel Simple Span Load Table | Rated for 115 mph (or less) wind loading

Roof Thickness

10 psf

20 psf

25 psf

30 psf

35 psf

40 psf

50 psf

3" Thick | .024" Skin








4" Thick | .024" Skin








6" Thick | .024" Skin









Familiarize yourself with our terminologies!

Patio cover terminologies


We ask that you acquire the load requirements for your area, so that we can supply you with the 'correct' thickness and configuration of materials for a safe and long lasting installation!




Remember, the manufacturer reserves the right to send panels/material longer that what was ordered for your unit.
This is often done to speed up the delivery of your unit, knowing that, as a DIY application all final cuts are done easily on site


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We are simply here to help and get you the DIY materials you need to accomplish your goals!


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Do You Want to Screen in Your New Patio Cover?


Porch Screening Materials
Screening your existing porch, patio or deck makes a great outdoor addition to any home. Using only rust proof extruded aluminum framing our system is virtually maintenance free. Built in spline grooves make it easy to both install or replace the screens. Enjoy the outdoors, protected from gnats & mosquitoes!



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Screen Walls Install Guidelines


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