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How to Get a Quotation

Lip Frame Window Inserts

Clear Vinyl Windows
Proudly made in U.S. of A.


Now that you are considering enclosing your new screen enclosure with our lip frame window inserts you need to know "How much?" Below are the ways in which you can contact us with your requirements so that we can supply a quotation. Remember, these vinyl window inserts are used in homes from Florida to the frigid climates of North Dakota and up into Canada and come with a lifetime warranty on frames and 10-year warranty on the vinyl itself.


Doing it yourself does not mean doing it alone!
Toll Free: 1.844.404.0484

15 years... You can be confident with the answers we give. Know who you are dealing with!



We ship this product in both the US & Canada




Get a Quotation for Your EZE-Breeze Windows


After having reviewed how to measure for your new windows you can submit your measurements in a few different ways.


You can email your measurements / document...




You can fax your measurements / document...




You can fill out the form below...



We do not collect, store or sell information or email addresses.


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Window Measurements

Note: In order to provide a strong and sturdy aluminum frame, windows larger than 42" in width or height will be made with a center 'spreader bar.' Simply check the box in the last column if one of your measurements is greater than 42" or if you want one anyways!


*Provide exact daylight opening (DLO) measurements for each area that requires a window.


**If your window is OVER 50" wide the maximum window height we can provide is 50" high




Frame Color:      White           Bronze           Beige         Note: This beige does not match the clay in the porch screening kits




Vinyl Color:      Dark Grey            Bronze           Light Grey          Clear



Please give all measurements in "inches"


Top Window

Bottom Window

Width Height Width Height
Screen Section 1 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 2 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 3 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 4 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 5 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 6 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 7 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 8 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 9 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 10 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 11 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 12 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 13 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 14 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 15 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 16 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 17 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 18 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 19 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 20 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 21 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 22 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 23 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 24 Spreader Bar
Screen Section 25 Spreader Bar



Comments or Additional Instructions...


Call 1.844.404.0484



**Please note that most items are custom made and are not returnable**

*In any case of price discrepancy this WEB site shall be taken as correct.



Doing it yourself does not mean doing it alone!
Toll Free: 1.844.404.0484

15 years... You can be confident with the answers we give. Know who you are dealing with!



We ship this product in both the US & Canada








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