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Modular Sunrooms & Patio Rooms

Four Season DIY Sunrooms

Proudly made in U.S. of A.

Insulated Roof, Walls & Windows in Modular DIY Patio Rooms


The Omega Line of Sunrooms by C-ThruThe Alpha Plus Line of Sunrooms by C-Thru

Deck / Patio Mounted Modular Sunroom Systems

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Finally, for those of you who want to create a four season space on your existing deck or patio slab, we offer a modular insulated roof & walls system that the average homeowner can actually assemble themselves! With over 70 years in the industry, we work with C-Thru Industries, offering the Alpha Plus™ and Omega™ sunroom lines. This modular system comes with a variety of roof thicknesses, doors, walls, and custom options to help you can create an affordable 3 or 4 season sunroom perfect for your lifestyle and budget! C-Thru manufactures all sunroom components, windows and doors under one roof keeping all quality assurance in house!



*The picture above is given to illustrate the features of our Sunroom systems.
It does not replace instruction guidelines and may be different than your installation.



Perfect to create that long sought after sunroom at half the cost of having a contractor build it. These modular sunroom kits are custom designed, in factory, with drawings for your specific application. You get the highest quality, durable, maintenance free materials - - all at a price that will not break the bank, and it comes with all the help you need from Home Porch & Patio Kits Inc.


We are working to provide the highest quality, durable and maintenance free materials - - all at a price that will not break the bank and it comes with all the help you need from Home Porch & Patio Kits Inc.


Modular WeatherGuard EPS core roof systems, Insulated R-16 EPS core wall systems with our patented TuffCore finish, highest quality vinyl window systems with high-tech spacers and up to triple pane Low E protection... all come together in one modular sun-room system designed to give you a lifetime of maintenance free beauty.


Almost everything you need to know about it is given on the WEB site. After you read through the details of our system, we will then be pleased to email you a 'Budgetary Cost for Your Project' to get you started!


Quick Facts

  1. The quality & construction of our sunrooms will NOT be cheaper than stick built (wood frame) construction.

  2. We cannot give pricing over the phone

  3. The Omega Sunroom is perhaps 12% more expensive than the Alpha Plus Sunroom

  4. The modular walls maximum height is 12'

  5. We do not offer a gable style roof (A-frame style) construction

  6. The maximum wall projection in snow country will be about 16'

  7. List of tools you may need





Understanding Our Terminology
Single Slope Roof
A single slope or single pitch roof is a roof that has a single pitch in one direction. They go by many names, including pent roofs, shed roof, lean‐ to roofs, or skillion roofs. They are commonly attached to a house wall or fascia board and supported out front by a support wall or beam and post assembly.

3 Season Sunroom

We typically will define a 3 season room as one that will have single pane windows and is not going to be heated or cooled on a permanent basis. Both the Alpha Plus and OMEGA systems can be built with single pane glass windows.

4 Season Sunroom

We typically will define a 4 season room as one that will have at least double pane windows and could be cooled on a permanent basis. Both the Alpha Plus and OMEGA systems can be built with double pane glass windows. ONLY THE OMEGA sunroom system comes with the extra vinyl cladding on the extruded aluminum framing to provide that extra layer of thermal protection making it the ultimate in 4 season comfortability.





These are not 'cookie cutter' sunrooms!

Therefore you will not find fancy click and design software, that never understands what you actually want, on our WEB site.


Your desired size is what we work with

You tell us how far away from the house wall you want to go and the width along the house you want to achieve. Any height up to 12 feet is possible. You tell us what kind of door(s) you want and where in each wall they are to be placed. We will then come up with window and module sizes to the fit the measurements you want.


Choose either the Alpha Plus or OMEGA line of sun-rooms as described below, by clicking on either picture. There you will find STEP 3!



3-4 Season
Perfect for Moderate to Hot climates


4 Season
Perfect for Moderate to Cold climates

The Alpha Plus Line of Patio Rooms

The original line of quality modular sunrooms


The OMEGA Line of Patio Rooms

The ultimate line of quality modular sunrooms

Alpha Plus C-Thru Sunrooms

  OMEGA Sunrooms by C-Thru
The Alpha Plus Line of Sunrooms by C-ThruThe Alpha™ sunroom line is constructed with our 3 1/2” thick insulated aluminum wall system. Sitting on top of your walls is our exclusive patented roof lock WeatherGuard structural insulated roof system. Available in 3", 4" and 6" thick roof panels. This allows you to design your sunroom for your particular climate. Whether it's hot and sunny most of the time or if the deep snows of winter are your concern, our WeatherGuard roof is your solution. Generally speaking it is perfect for 3 season type applications. Ideal for adding that additional living space while watching your budget.


  The Omega Line of Sunrooms by C-ThruThe Omega™ Sunrooms Line offers our ultimate, most energy efficient sunroom. With the insulated Omega 4" vinyl 'thermal clad' wall system we provide most energy efficient modularized sunroom available on the market today.  Refined and beautiful, Omega™ sunrooms' thermal cladding system hides all visible screws and caulking - -all windows and doors are vinyl and are NFRC rated and AAMA approved. To top it all off our patented roof-lock WeatherGuard panels are engineered for your loading requirements and retain the elegant look you are going for in your 4 season sunroom.

*The pictures above are given to illustrate the features of our Sunroom systems. They are not to replace instruction guidelines and may be slightly different than your particular installation.




Energy Efficiency


DIY Installation


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Approvals & Specifications
  • I.C.C. Approval (International Conf. of Building Officials)
  • IRC (International Residential Codes)
  • IBC (International Building Codes)
  • CBC (California Building Code)
  • Meets or Exceeds National Glass Code
  • Factory Built Housing Approval
  • C.M.B.S.O.A. Approval (Security Windows)
  • A-Rated Dual Glass (ALI Laboratories)
  • U.L. Classified Patented Electrical Raceways
  • AAMA Approved Windows and Doors

Modular Construction for Easy Installation

• Standard dual sliding window widths of 36”, 42”, 48” and 54”
• Modules are cut and assembled in a quality controlled environment
• Unit only requires final placement cuts at the jobsite
• Less cuts in the field requires less fillers
• Every piece is quality checked before leaving the factory
• Less exposed fasteners and caulking
• Assembled in a fraction of the time of a KD assembly
• Installation guidelines and support available
• Modular construction make installation a snap.

• Most room sizes can be installed in just a couple days.

• 100% Made in the U.S.A.

•  List of tools you may need

Unequalled by any other sunroom maker...
warranted for life, as long as you own it!



Links & Complete Information
on our Modular SUNROOM Systems



OMEGA System Details Sample Quotations

A Sunroom is really 10 rooms in one!
•Living Room     •Home Gym    •Family Room
•Home Office       •Spa Room        •Breakfast Nook
•Poolside Room    •Craft Room      •Game Room
•Kid’s Recreation Room

ALPHA PLUS Details Sunroom Installation Guide
Compare Alpha Plus vs OMEGA Install PDF's & Product Video's
Customer Installations! Get a Budgetary Cost Estimate



Use the links given above for more information on this product.

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