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OMEGA Duralite Windows

Four Season DIY Sunrooms

Insulated Pre-Fab Patio Enclosures

Proudly made in U.S. of A.


The Omega Line of Sunrooms by C-ThruOMEGA Sunroom System Details

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The OMEGA™ sunroom line is constructed with our 3 1/2” thick insulated aluminum wall system plus 1/4" of vinyl cladding on both sides to make for a 4" thick wall. Sitting on top of your walls is our exclusive patented roof lock WeatherGuard structural insulated roof system. Available in 3", 4" and 6" thick roof panels. This allows you to design your sunroom for your particular climate. Whether it's hot and sunny most of the time or if the deep snows of winter are your concern, our WeatherGuard roof is your solution.  Designed as an efficient alternative to 'stick building' a full addition, it is the highest quality sunroom system on the market today - made available in a modular format to the Do-It-Yourselfer! Perfect for 4 season type applications.



Modular Sunroom Enclosures
*The picture above is given to illustrate the features of our Sunroom systems.
It is not to replace instruction guidelines and may be slightly different than your particular installation.
Links & Complete Information
on OMEGA Modular Sunrooms






Energy Efficiency


DIY Installation



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The Windows & Glass Packages


All dual sliding windows come with our EZ Glide Quad Roller system! Available exclusively by C-Thru, it carries double the number of rollers as our competitors, minimizing sash racking and making for extra smooth operating windows. Our vinyl windows come with a substantial 3 ¼” thick framing, dual cam locks and a variety of glass options to choose from. They come in two different configurations...


  • Sliding windows are available in 36”, 42”, 48”, 54” wide with custom widths available.

  • Fixed windows are available in 24", 36”, 42”, 48”, 54” wide with custom widths available.

  • All standard windows are either 54" or 60" high but can be customized to be appropriate to wall height!

  • All sliding windows come with a fixed exterior screen

SmartGlass 30 | 60 | 180    (details & options)

Most sunrooms are made with a lot of glass, so it's important that the glass itself is clear and strong. Duralite has up to twice the clarity of regular glass and is strong enough to withstand impacts without breaking or scratching.

Choose from three different types of Duralite glass:

  • Single Pane Clear Glass (Smart 30)

  • 1” Sealed Double Low E Pane Glass (Smart 60)

  • 1” Sealed Triple Low E Pane Glass (Smart 180)



SmartGlass Efficiency U-Value Shading Coefficient Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Visible Light % UV %



How to read the table...



 U-Value Radiant (non-solar) heat transfer thru the glass measured in
 BTU's/sq.ft./hours x deltaT. The lower the number the better.

Shading Coefficient
An index of solar heat gain rejection. The lower the
 number the better.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
Similar to shading coefficient. The lower
 the number the better in terms of solar heat gain rejection.

Visible Light %
The amount of visible light allowed to transfer through
 the pane of glass.

The % transmission of ultraviolet radiation through the glass.

SmartGlass 30
Single pane Duralite glass unit
1.0 .89 .85 90% 74%
SmartGlass 60
Hermetically sealed 1" thick dual insulated glass unit with multiple layers of Low E coating and enviro warm edge spacer
.274 .41 .34 70% 14%
SmartGlass 180
Hermetically sealed 1" thick triple insulated glass unit with 100% more layers of Low E coating than SmartGlass 60 and enviro warm edge spacer
.21 .26 .15 50% 3%




SmartGlass 30

SmartGlass 60 

SmartGlass 180
(OMEGA system only)

Our own UV transmission test done in
the factory with a UV transmission
meter and a UV light pen.

This is given to further illustrate
the efficiency differences between SmartGlass 30. 60 and 180




DuraLite Windows

  • Standard upgrade on all sunrooms and modular wall systems, with both single and dual pane windows

  • 8 times stronger that residential glass increasing security - nearly unbreakable

  • Stronger than laminated and safety glass decreasing the chance of breaking - rated as good or better than tempered glass!

  • Patented warm-edge spacer technology for maximum insulation and minimum argon loss

  • Safe and shatter resistant.



The window is only as good as its seal...

This one element of your room, the spacer between panes of glass, although unseen, is one of the most important elements in the construction of your windows and doors. Duralite spacers are the most advanced energy efficient spacers in the industry. Commonly known as 'warm edge technology' it acts as an insulator between the outside temperature and the inside of your room. Duralite spacers are made with non-metallic structural elements that insulate incredibly well and do not break down over time.


The thermal performance of a window plays a major role in household energy conservation. A high-performance window system will keep your energy costs low by reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Duralite combined with Low-E glass and air produces one of the highest performing, energy-efficient window systems, saving you money on your heating and cooling costs. Duralite is an ENERGY STAR® qualified product.




Duralite is a flexible, warm-edge spacer featuring a unique no metal, composite laminating technology that provides superior durability and thermal performance in insulating glass units. To achieve the ultimate in performance – all in a single-seal design Duralite is preassembled with an air-filled polycarbonate shim, butyl sealant, a three-sided continuous moisture barrier and a desiccated topcoat. The results are better performance now, and in the future.


When you see condensation inside a dual pane window, that means the seal has failed. Our exclusive high performance dual and triple pane glass is made using the latest technology in insulated glass seals. Poorly insulated windows allow moisture to collect in the form of condensation. Condensation can obstruct your outside view, reduce natural lighting and damage interior finishes. Moisture and condensation can also increase the risk of mold. Windows built with Duralite warm-edge spacers reduce condensation, keeping moisture off your glass for a clearer view to the outside.





Energy Efficiency


DIY Installation


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Approvals & Specifications
  • I.C.C. Approval (International Conf. of Building Officials)
  • IRC (International Residential Codes)
  • IBC (International Building Codes)
  • CBC (California Building Code)
  • Meets or Exceeds National Glass Code
  • Factory Built Housing Approval
  • C.M.B.S.O.A. Approval (Security Windows)
  • A-Rated Dual Glass (ALI Laboratories)
  • U.L. Classified Patented Electrical Raceways
  • AAMA Approved Windows and Doors

Modular Construction for Easy Installation

• Standard dual sliding window widths of 36”, 42”, 48” and 54”
• Modules are cut and assembled in a quality controlled environment
• Unit only requires final placement cuts at the jobsite
• Less cuts in the field requires less fillers
• Every piece is quality checked before leaving the factory
• Less exposed fasteners and caulking
• Assembled in a fraction of the time of a KD assembly
• Installation guidelines and support available
• Modular construction make installation a snap.

• Most room sizes can be installed in just a couple days.

• 100% Made in the U.S.A.

•  List of tools you may need

Unequalled by any other sunroom maker...
warranted for life, as long as you own it!



Links & Complete Information
on our Modular SUNROOM Systems



OMEGA Sunroom System Details Customer Installations!

A Sunroom is really 10 rooms in one!
•Living Room     •Home Gym    •Family Room
•Home Office       •Spa Room        •Breakfast Nook
•Poolside Room    •Craft Room      •Game Room
•Kid’s Recreation Room

OMEGA EPS Core Roof Install PDF's & Product Video's
OMEGA Walls Sample Quotations
OMEGA Windows Sunroom Installation Guide
OMEGA Doors Get a Budgetary Cost Estimate
OMEGA Kick-plates & Transoms  




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