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Series 2700 Fabric Door Awning with Sides

Futureguard Shade Solutions

One of our best selling outdoor door canopies, the Series 2700 Fabric Awning keeps you dry as you fumble with keys and it keeps the weather away from your door and frame, protecting them from weather damage. These Sunbrella fabric door awnings are both practical and cost effective. All of our awnings come with a 5 year warranty. For more information about our custom outdoor door awnings review the information provided below and then contact Home Porch & Patio Kits today.






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Series 2700  Fabric Door Canopy with Sides

  • Protects door and entry way from the elements

  • Bronze finish framework will never rust

  • Available in 100+ Sunbrella fabric patterns and colors

  • Adds beauty and value to your home

  • Easy to remove for winter storage
    *(not designed for snow loads or commercial applications)

  • Hardware included for quick and easy installation

  • All pricing is the delivered cost within the contiguous USA

5 Year Warranty
Proudly made in U.S.A. for over 25 years!

*Learn how to measure for your
Series 2700 awning...
How to measure for Series 3500


*Choose from 100+ Sunbrella fabrics...
Available Colors for Series 3500


PRICING INSTRUCTIONS: Your awning can be made to the inch. Measure the size you need.
If it falls between widths on the pricing table simply price it out to the next highest price level. Get the size you need!

All pricing given below is the delivered cost!

We ship this product throughout the contiguous USA

(delivered to your home)

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Series #2700 Fabric Door Awning
Model #4 Model #5 Model #6 Model #7 Model #8
Projection    ----->>>





       Drop     ----->>>





Frame Width

($) US US Flag

($) US US Flag

($) US US Flag

($) US US Flag

($) US US Flag

Between 24" - 36" $245.63 $260.63 $261.56 $273.75 $314.06
40" $251.25 $265.31 $270.00 $279.38 $318.75
46" $257.81 $271.88 $280.31 $284.06 $324.38
54" $265.31 $279.38 $284.06 $290.63 $330.94
60" $281.25 $295.31 $299.06 $304.69 $345.00
66" $321.56 $324.38 $326.25 $337.50 $379.69
72" $324.38 $326.25 $330.94 $343.13 $384.38
84" $330.94 $337.50 $342.19 $354.38 $395.63

  Oversized Awnings: All awnings over 61" in width will be supplied with additional arm supports



Steps to placing your order:



Per the measuring instructions below, measure the outside edge to outside edge of the door frame. You will need to add at least 3" on each side to get the final width of your door canopy.

The DROP measurement of the awning is how far down the house wall, from the awning mounting rail, the awning will sit once the awing is installed.

Typically you will choose the model number based on how much of the stoop area you wish to cover.

IMPORTANT: If you have a door / screen door that opens OUT, you will need to select AT LEAST the model #7 for the door to operate within the awning installation.

Choose the DROP & PROJECTION, using chart below, that best suits your needs. You will need at least 13" of mounting space above your door to install the Series 2700 Fabric Door Canopy.

Door canopies cannot be mounted on the door frame. Measure outside edge to outside edge of the door frame, PLUS, 3" (minimum) on each side. This will be the width of your awning. Custom widths up to 84" in 1-inch increments.


Awning Model #












Canopy requires 13" of mounting space above the door. Canopy cannot be mounted on door frame.

Drop (Approx.)









Select the fabric color and pattern that best complements your home. All fabrics are a high quality marine weave 100% solution dyed Sunbrella fabric. All framing on fabric window awnings is bronze finish aluminum framework and will not rust.
Available Colors for Series 3500



STEP #3 To place your order, call Home Porch & Patio Kits at 1.844.404.0484



All Orders are:

Partially Assembled, ready to install | Delivery Included - FedEx Ground Pre-Paid | Delivered within 3 - 4 weeks | All Pricing is in US$




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Retractable Fabric Patio Awnings

Retractable Patio Awnings

Retractable Fabric Patio Awnings
This is your chance to turn that deck or patio you can't use because of the hot afternoon sun into an inviting outdoor oasis! High quality marine weave fabrics on an extruded aluminum retractable frame allows you to control the sun! Retractable Deck Awnings come in a huge selection of colors and sizes!







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