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Snow & Wind Loading

Basic information on snow & wind load requirements

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All of our units are supplied as pre-engineered roofing systems which have been approved by qualified, state approved engineers in 45 States. Our systems are rated according to 2012 International Building Codes. We can supply you with the engineering on our components upon request. Our engineering does not account for snow drifting or wind uplift in wall attached units. If for any reason local specifications require an individually engineered unit, it can be supplied at an additional cost. Current approved standards assume an importance factor equal to 1 & wind exposure equal to "B".


You will need to know your local (city / municipal building department) live load requirements (lb./sq.ft.) and wind speed requirements (mph.)


Your city building department is where building permits are issued from. You may or may not need an actual permit for your installation, and this is left as the sole responsibility of the homeowner. However, panel thickness, beam placements, beam size, distance between posts out front... all are a function of the load (snow & wind) that your cover will be subject to. Even though you may determine that you do not require a permit, you will still need to contact them to get your local building code requirements so that we can supply you with the 'correct' materials!

Customers agree to hold Home Porch & Patio Kits Inc. and the manufacturer free of any liability for improper installation, maintenance and repair.




Understanding the Importance of Snow Loads!
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It is Important!


Wind Loads
When building something like your home are attaching a structure to it, they need to built strong, secure and wind resistant. Wind load calculations are important to ensure that the structure can withstand the kind of winds common to your area. Wind load calculations can be difficult to figure out because the wind is unpredictable, however the IBC standards can give you a good idea of what a building can withstand. Wind loading analysis is an essential part of the building process.


Snow Loads
Roof snow loads are influenced by elevation of the area you live in, wind, general weather patterns and moisture laden air, roof configuration and slope. We always ask you to call your local building department to get the wind and snow load requirements for your area because overestimation of load requirements unnecessarily increases the cost of construction and underestimation of load requirements creates the potential for unit failure and safety issues.


Roof snow and wind loads are based on the historical records for a given location, however the local building authority should always be consulted to determine the correct roof snow and wind load to use for a given site and application.

The weight of snow varies greatly. Light fluffY snow may only weigh about seven pounds per cubic foot. More average snow may weigh 15 pounds per cubic foot and drifted compacted snow may weigh 20 pounds or more. The following calculation is based on a 25% moisture density which is conservative. As a rule, saturated snow weighs about 20 lbs. per cubic foot. The moisture content of snow can range from 1% to 33%, which relates to weights of 1 pound to over 30 pounds per cubic foot.

Sample calculation: There are 7.48 gallons per cubic foot of water- that's about 62.4 pounds.

  • For Wet Snow - Let's say wet snow would be equivalent to 1" of rain or 5" of snow, you would get a resulting 62.4/5 = 12.5 lbs./cu.ft.

  • For Light, Fluffy Snow - Let's say fluffy snow would be equivalent to 2.5" of water and 12" snow, you would get 62.4/12= 5.2 lbs./cu.ft.


The following table describes how far each panel thickness can go away from the wall until it needs to be supported by a set of beam & posts!

3" Roof thickness simply references the thickness of the panel

How to read the table: For example... a 3" thick roof panel will span 12' away from the wall under a 25 lb. load requirement


Maximum Panel Simple Span Load Table | Rated for 110 mph (or less) wind loading


10 psf

20 psf

25 psf

30 psf

35 psf

40 psf

50 psf

3" Thick | .024" Skin 16' 12'7" 11'7" 10'10" 10'1" 9'6" 8'7"
4" Thick | .024" Skin 19' 15'1" 13'8" 12'7" 11'8" 10'11" 9'9"
6" Thick | .024" Skin 22' 18'3" 16'5" 15' 14' 13'1" 11'9"




The following table(s) describe the load vs span capabilities of our flat pan and W pan systems

.023 ga. = .023" thick  / This simply references the thickness of the pan
How to read the table: For example in the table below...
8'6" is how far you can go 'away from the wall' before the .023" thick pan needs to be supported under a 20lb. load requirement


12" x 3"  Flat Roof Panel - Maximum Panel Simple Span

Live Load Wind Speed .023 ga. .030 ga.
20 90 8'6" 10'6"
30 90 7'6" 9'2"
40 90 5'8" 6'11"



16" x 3"  W Roof Panel - Maximum Panel Simple Span
Live Load Wind Speed .019 ga. .025 ga. .032 ga.
20 90 7'5" 10'1" 11'1"
30 90 6'6" 8'10" 9'8"
40 90 5'6" 7'6" 8'9"









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