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Modular Sunroom Walls




Sunroom Kits Wall Systems

DIY Sunroom Prefab Wall Kits

Proudly made in U.S. of A.


Omega Sunroom Walls System

This is our top of the line modular sunroom walls system; perfect to create that four season living space out of your existing porch or patio roof line! Each module is numbered and full instructions are provided to guide you through the installation. These Sunroom & Patio Enclosure Products have been fully Tested and Evaluated by IAPMO* Uniform Evaluation Services. This certification of our products ensures consumers and building officials that our products meet and exceed all local, regional and national engineering standards. We work with C Thru Industries Inc. to bring you this high quality sunroom wall Do It Yourself product! (*IAPMO = International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials)



Doing it yourself does not mean doing it alone!
Toll Free: 1.844.404.0484



Every modularized section is manufactured per specific Auto-Cad design drawings ensuring accuracy & manufacturing consistency.


OMEGA System Details

You receive a CAD drawing of your modules



The Walls:

The OMEGA walls, including the highly insulating 'dual thermal' vinyl cladding are 4" thick. They are available in either white or almond powder coated (AAMA spec's) aluminum. This includes the structure, window frames, window sashes and panels.


The OMEGA wall system is ideal for 4 season use. It is also designed to hide every screw used in the assemble and all the required caulking! As a modularized system, it goes up in a fraction of the time of an knock down system.


All structural member framing is painted aluminum 6063-T6 hardened alloy.


Windows are all made with our exclusive virgin vinyl compound and are optimized for longevity, made and built in Corona, California in the USA! Vinyl will not crack, peel or corrode like wood or aluminum frame material can. The vinyl windows come in either a fixed or sliding format with a choice of glazing (see below). The exterior screening on all operable windows come as fully removable individually framed screens.

It is ideal for 4 season usage and its tuff and durable design will last you years with just a little maintenance. It is very conventional while adding value to your home.






Kick Panels & Transoms:


All OMEGA Wall Systems can have either a 12”or 24” Single or Double Pane Tempered Glass kickplate.

If you do not want a glass kickplate then you can have any size solid insulated TuffCore panel below the window.

All OMEGA Transoms can have either a pre-assembled Tempered glass construction or a solid insulated TuffCore panel.


Glass Kickplates & Transoms

DuraLite Windows

  • Standard upgrade on all sunrooms and modular wall systems, with both single and dual pane windows

  • 8 times stronger that residential glass increasing security - nearly unbreakable

  • Stronger than laminated and safety glass decreasing the chance of breaking

  • Safe and shatter resistant.



Solid Kickplates & Transoms

Durable scratch resistant vinyl laminated on a
1 lb. polystyrene core. Vinyl is colored all the
way through. It is resistant to outdoor exposure, warping, yellowing, aging and staining!


Available in two colors: Almond or White

Available in two finishes: Pebbled or Stucco

Solid Transom Option





The Doors:

C Thru Doors for Insulated Walls

  • Swing doors are 1-3/4” thick and come standard with nickel plated hardware

  • Continuous Q-lon weather stripping around door jamb and threshold – keeps
    wind and cold air out

  • The easy-to-operate sliding door is a welded vinyl with continuous weather stripping locking out the weather

  • Bi-parting doors offer the largest openings available

The most door options in the industry, all with innovative design features!


Standard Features:

  • Our exclusive virgin vinyl compound is optimized for longevity, made and built in Corona, California in the USA! Vinyl will not crack, peel or corrode like wood or aluminum frame material can.

  • Heavy wall constructed outer frame with multiple cells for better insulating.

  • Stout Sash construction protect the sealed glass units better than industry standard.

  • Internal steel reinforced sash interlocking rails improve performance and security.

  • All pedestrian doors are pre-hung within the module size appropriate to your design







The Windows:

Our vinyl windows come with a substantial 3 Ό” thick framing, dual cam locks and a variety of glass options to choose from. They come in three different configurations...


All sliders come with our EZ Glide Quad Roller system! Available exclusively by C-Thru, it carries double the number of rollers as our competitors, minimizing sash racking and making for extra smooth operating windows.

  • Sliding windows available in 36”, 42”, 48”, 54” wide

  • Fixed windows available in 24", 36”, 42”, 48”, 54” wide

  • All windows are either 54" or 60" high

** Your “Installers Layout” will show you where to install each module. Every module is numbered on the layout and on the actual module itself. Also on the layout, the sizes are listed as well as the approximate size of the wall panel that needs to be installed in the corners and at the house.



C Thru Windows for Insulated Walls


 Choose from three different types of Duralite glass:

  • 1/8” Single Pane Glass (Smart 30)

  • 1” Sealed Argon Double Clear or Low E Pane Glass (Smart 60)

  • 1” Sealed Argon Triple Clear or Low E Pane Glass (Smart 180)

All the above glass packages come in three configurations:

Full View Panes or Single, Double or Bi-Parting Vinyl Sliders.









Print a Copy

Our Lifetime Limited Material Warranty is unequalled by any other sunroom maker. Your new C-Thru Sunroom is warranted for life, as long as you own it!

  • I.C.C. Approval (International Conf. of Building Officials)
  • IRC (International Residential Codes)
  • IBC (International Building Codes)
  • CBC (California Building Code)
  • Meets or Exceeds National Glass Code
  • Factory Built Housing Approval
  • C.M.B.S.O.A. Approval (Security Windows)
  • A-Rated Dual Glass (ALI Laboratories)
  • U.L. Classified Patented Electrical Raceways
  • AAMA Approved Windows and Doors
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.


Modularized Construction for Easy Installation
• Available in 24”, 36”, 42”, 48” and 54” Modules
• Modules are cut and assembled in a quality controlled environment
• Unit does not require precision cuts at the jobsite
• Less cuts in the field requires less fillers
• Every piece is quality checked before leaving the factory
• Less exposed fasteners and caulking
• Assembled in a fraction of the time of a KD assembly
• Easy to follow installation manual and installation support available
• Modularized construction make installation a snap. Most room sizes can be installed in just a couple days.



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Doing it yourself does not mean doing it alone!
Toll Free: 1.844.404.0484




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