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Getting Costing on Your Project

Alpha Plus & OMEGA Sunrooms

Sunrooms & Patio Enclosures

Proudly made in U.S. of A.


The Omega Line of Sunrooms by C-ThruThe Alpha Plus Line of Sunrooms by C-Thru

Deck / Patio Mounted Modular Sunroom Systems

We ship this product nationwide throughout the contiguous USA*
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Finally, for those of you who want to create a four season space on your existing deck or patio slab, we offer a modular insulated roof & walls system that the average homeowner can actually assemble themselves! With over 70 years in the industry, we work with C-Thru Industries, offering the Alpha Plus and Omega sunroom lines. This modular system comes with a variety of roof thicknesses, doors, walls, and custom options to help you can create an affordable 3 or 4 season sunroom perfect for your lifestyle and budget! C-Thru manufactures all sunroom components, windows and doors under one roof keeping all quality assurance in house!


Links & Complete Information
on our Modular SUNROOM Systems



OMEGA System Details Sample Quotations

We cannot give pricing over the phone, BUT...

By reading through the information we have provided, before contacting us, and then going through the steps below you will get everything you need to begin to plan your new Modular DIY Sunroom System.

ALPHA PLUS Details Sunroom Installation Guide
Compare Alpha Plus vs OMEGA Install PDF's & Product Video's
Customer Installations! Get a Budgetary Cost Estimate


To Our Valued Customers...
Throughout the year we will do budgetary cost requests and full quotations on a first come first serve basis and work hard to do them right the first time. We believe in honoring the time each customer has invested in submitting their requests to us, therefore we can not consider requests for immediate quotations. We will generally be able turn budgetary costing requests in about 2-3 days. Subsequent requests for full quotations will take an additional 2-3 days. During peak season we will require between 4-5 days to do a quotation.




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  Get a preliminary cost...

By filling out the form below we will use this basic information to give you a price range for your project. That range will generally be within $1000.00 of the actual cost of your project. This is not the design stage... we do not need to know window sizes or door placements. If this initial costing falls within the budget you had in mind for your sunroom then you can move to the next step.


Quick Estimate

Fill out the form below to get you one step closer to completing your own DIY project.

First & Last Name (*)           State of Install (*)             City of Install (*)  


Tell us about your proposed room...


Alpha Plus Sunroom       OMEGA Sunroom    (choose ONLY one)



We will estimate the size and required thickness of the insulated WeatherGuard Roof System you will need based on the information you provide below.



  1. Just give measurements to the nearest foot

  2. The wall height can be anything you want up to 12' tall

  3. The minimum finished wall height is 7'5"

Length of Left (projection) Side Wall    feet
(distance moving away from your house wall)

Length of Front Wall (width)    feet

(distance moving parallel to your house wall)

Length of Right (projection) Side Wall    feet
(distance moving away from your house wall)


Desired wall height at house wall   feet
(measured from deck to the place on your wall / soffit where your new roof is to be installed)


*I only need one projection wall        Left            Right
(This is ONLY if you are putting the sunroom in the "L" portion of the deck and attaching to a second wall)


Doors: Choose the type & number of each door you want in the finished sunroom.


Standard Pedestrian Door | Quantity  

5' Sliding Door | Quantity             6' Sliding Door | Quantity              8' Sliding Door | Quantity  

Transoms & Kickplates:

Glass Panel (transom) above Windows & Doors       Solid Panel above Windows & Doors    (choose ONLY one)
(your finished sunroom wall heights will need to be at least 8' tall along the front wall to have the glass transoms)


Glass Panel (kickplate) below Windows       Solid Panel (kickplate) below Windows    (choose ONLY one)


ALPHA PLUS Glass packages

Single Pane Clear Glass       Double Pane Clear Glass         Double Pane LOW E Glass     (choose ONLY one)



OMEGA Glass packages

Single Pane Clear Glass       Double Pane Low E Glass     (choose ONLY one)


We cannot reply unless you supply a valid email address...

Email (*)   


Contact Telephone

(We do not call unless your email address is entered incorrectly)


Are you human? Solve the equation. (*)    (25 + 7) 2




































  Get An Official Quotation...

We can do a full costing quotation for your specific project.

Some of the things we will need from you in order to do a full quotation:

  • Snow & wind load requirements

  • Desired roof projection and width

  • Desired wall footprint

  • City of installation

  • Window & Door Frame Color

  • Window sizes (if specifically required) and glazing selection

  • Door size and configuration

  • Door placement relative to a house wall or existing post

  • Kickplate size and material (glass or solid)

  • Transom material (glass or solid)

  • Insulated panel color and finish

  • Type and slope of the foundation you have

  • Projection measurements

  • Width measurements

  • Heights at house and at the front edge of the projection

  • Measurements of front gable (if applicable)



The form(s) given below lead you through the steps necessary to give us all the information needed to provide you with a quotation for our Alpha Plus or OMEGA modular sunroom system. Click on the one of the links below to open up a 6 page PDF.




  • Open the Alpha Plus PDF or the OMEGA PDF in Acrobat Reader, it will allow you to fill out the PDF directly using your mouse and keyboard. You can fill it out, left click, click on "save as" (name the document) and save the document to your desktop. Once you have it saved you can then email us the saved PDF document as an attachment.

  • Alternatively you can open the Alpha Plus PDF or the OMEGA PDF and fill it out manually. If you wanted to do your own drawing you will need to do this anyways. You can then scan your pages or take a picture of each page and then email us the attachment (s).

  • Alternatively you can print the PDF and fill it out manually and fax it to us at 1.705.259.2264

  • Special Note: If you are familiar with Adobe Acrobat Reader you can actually draw on the document directly using the "Comment" and "Drawing Markups" functions within the program. 

**Send your PDF attachment and pictures to:




Need help with some of the details of your project?

Call us toll free - - 1.844.404.0484




Energy Efficiency


DIY Installation


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Approvals & Specifications
  • I.C.C. Approval (International Conf. of Building Officials)
  • IRC (International Residential Codes)
  • IBC (International Building Codes)
  • CBC (California Building Code)
  • Meets or Exceeds National Glass Code
  • Factory Built Housing Approval
  • C.M.B.S.O.A. Approval (Security Windows)
  • A-Rated Dual Glass (ALI Laboratories)
  • U.L. Classified Patented Electrical Raceways
  • AAMA Approved Windows and Doors

Modular Construction for Easy Installation

Standard dual sliding window widths of 36, 42, 48 and 54
Modules are cut and assembled in a quality controlled environment
Unit only requires final placement cuts at the jobsite
Less cuts in the field requires less fillers
Every piece is quality checked before leaving the factory
Less exposed fasteners and caulking
Assembled in a fraction of the time of a KD assembly
Installation guidelines and support available
Modular construction make installation a snap.

Most room sizes can be installed in just a couple days.

100% Made in the U.S.A.

  List of tools you may need

Unequalled by any other sunroom maker...
warranted for life, as long as you own it!

Links & Complete Information
on our Modular SUNROOM Systems



OMEGA System Details Sample Quotations

A Sunroom is really 10 rooms in one!
Living Room     Home Gym    Family Room
Home Office       Spa Room        Breakfast Nook
Poolside Room    Craft Room      Game Room
Kids Recreation Room

ALPHA PLUS Details Sunroom Installation Guide
Compare Alpha Plus vs OMEGA Install PDF's & Product Video's
Customer Installations! Get a Budgetary Cost Estimate



Use the links given above for more information on this product.

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